Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner

How to Make 6-Figures Online From SCRATCH

September 20, 2021

Lauren Tickner, CEO at Impact School and Forbes Magazine No. 1 Business Coach, is joined by some of her clients who share how they built 6-figure online businesses from scratch, what key changes they have made in their businesses to achieve this, and how you can make 6-figures (and more) online too.


In this episode, you’ll hear:


- How Impact School clients have started their online businesses from scratch and scaled them to over 6-figure revenues per year using tried and tested frameworks


- How to identify and execute revenue-generating activities in your business so that you can scale your revenue without working more hours


- The mindset shifts that you need to reach your next revenue goal


- What you should look for when you’re choosing a coach, consultant, or mentor for your business





Here's a preview of the episode:


00:10 Host Lauren Tickner introduces her Impact


01:20 What are the biggest changes that Impact School clients have made to their business in order to reach and surpass a 6 figure revenue?


07:30 How Archer has scaled his revenue without adding more coaching hours to his calendar - leveraging time effectively to multiply revenue


11:00 How Charmaine overcame her limiting beliefs and made the leap to start her online business with Impact School’s help


13:00 Why did Charmaine invest in business coaching straight away instead of spending time figuring it out on her own first?


15:30 How Katarina has implemented Impact School’s systems and frameworks so that she can scale her online business whilst traveling around the world


18:20 Why being in close proximity to mentors and like-minded people is important to accelerate your growth


19:30 What advice would Impact School clients give to online entrepreneurs who want to reach a 6 figure revenue?


24:00 How to effectively identify and execute on revenue-generating activities


29:00 Why automation is essential to scaling your business to 6 figures, 7 figures, and beyond 


32:00 What should you look for when you’re choosing a coach, consultant, or mentor for your business?


42:00 Mindset shifts that helped Impact School clients grow their online business from zero to 6 figures in revenue


46:30 How to prioritize your tasks effectively using a priority matrix and the law of marginal gains


48:20 The importance of sharing your processes and your own journey on social media in order to increase engagement and generate leads


50:10 Overcoming self-doubts and fear of judgment from others


53:00 Impact School clients share their favorite stories about their own clients


62:00 Shifting from B2C to B2B in order to scale from 6 figures to 7 figures in revenue


64:10 What does Impact School do?


66:30 Words of wisdom that every online entrepreneur needs to hear


Connect with Lauren:










Connect with Archer, Second Year Medical Student and Online Tutor helping fellow students achieve top grades:


Connect with Charmaine, Online Dietician helping people Reverse Type 2 Diabetes & Insulin Resistance with Plant-Based Eating:


Connect with Katarina, Creative Business Consultant helping artists build profitable and meaningful online businesses doing what they love:


Connect with Amber, Surgery Recovery Coach helping women optimise their post-surgery recovery through using a unique support tape:

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