Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner

Close More Sales Masterclass: Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman Interview

September 13, 2021

In this episode of the Impact School podcast, host Lauren Tickner is joined by Ryan Stewman, also known online as the Hardcore Closer. Ryan is a leading sales coach and consultant who has poured decades worth of experience into building and testing effective sales strategies. He’s also a best-selling author, contributor to top publications such as Forbes Magazine, and the founder of the Apex Entourage network for high-performing entrepreneurs.


Tune in to hear how you can start closing more sales today using proven sales strategies, make more power moves as an online business owner, and overcome objections without any stress.

In this episode, you’ll hear:


- How Ryan Stewman built a cult following and highly engaged audience around his personal brand as the Hardcore Closer on social media


- The two essential things that you need to start closing more sales today


- Why making sales calls is still important for online businesses and what strategies you can use to close more sales over the phone


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Here’s a preview of the episode:


00:00 Host Lauren Tickner introduced this episode’s guest, Ryan Stewman who is also known online as the Hardcore Closer


00:40 How did Ryan build a “cult” following and highly engaged audience on social media as a sales expert?


04:05 Is sales really evil? Do you have to change your personality or become a different person to make more sales?


05:35 Ryan Stewman shares where his nickname “hardcore” came from and how his sales career started


07:30 How society’s perception of salespeople is changing and how you can use this to continue making sales without relying on hard sales strategies from the past


09:30 The two essential things that you need to start closing more sales today


11:10 Why making sales over the phone and booking sales calls is still important today


15:40 The most rewarding thing about making sales in your online business


19:55 Why hiring a salesperson on to your team and understanding price psychology can be hugely beneficial for your close rate and clients’ success


23:30 Do cold calls still work? Ryan Stewman shares his thoughts on this sales strategy - when do cold calls work and when don’t cold calls work?


25:40 How to make power moves that allow you to generate leads consistently in the long term - creating evergreen social media content and blog posts to optimise your SEO and reach more people


31:00 What are the most effective power moves online business owners can make on a daily basis?


36:30 What are the most effective strategies for closing sales over the phone? Ryan shares his top power moves for sales calls and overcoming objections


40:30 The funniest objection Ryan Stewman has heard from a guest at Russel Brunson’s Funnel Hacking Live event


45:30 Lauren Tickner reveals her Impact post and Sideways Call To Action strategy for generating leads from Facebook groups

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