Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner

Meet The Impact School Team

November 2, 2021

In this episode, you'll meet the Impact School team who work together online from all across the world to help our clients overcome plateaus in their businesses through implementing tried and tested systems - Discover what makes the Impact School team so unique and innovative - And find out what you should look for when you’re hiring new team members PLUS the biggest mistake to avoid making when recruiting.




00:10 Impact School Head of Operations Noor Barrage introduces the episode and the other Impact School team members


02:22 Lauren Tickner, Impact School CEO and Founder, shares her area of expertise as an online entrepreneur and why building a team with a variety of expert areas is so important


04:50 Lauren’s favourite thing about the Impact School team and what she’s the most proud of as the CEO


06:30 What does Lauren do outside of business? The importance of exploring things that you’re passionate about on your own terms and sharing what you learn with the world


09:35 Meet Dani, Impact School’s Social Media Strategist and Creative Director, based in Oxford, UK - how does working at Impact School differ from her previous role in corporate marketing? 


12:10 How the Impact School team works together to create trending content in reaction to the latest news and social media updates - the power of rapid execution


16:00 Meet Michaela, one of the Impact School Coaches based in Uruguay


18:30 Meet Noor, Head of Operations at Impact School based in London, UK - how Noor keeps the Impact School team organised, manages projects effectively, and builds systems to ensure things run as efficiently as possible


25:00 The secret to building a strong and high performing team - balancing personality types and stacking everyone’s skill sets


26:45 Meet Lara, one of the Impact School coaches based in Thailand who supports our clients with their mindset and sales strategy - how Buddhism has influenced the way in which Lara approaches her coaching


33:30 Meet Ajay, the leader of Impact School’s dedicated tech team based in India and how Impact School is innovating the way in which online entrepreneurs can systematise their businesses


37:25 Meet Anthony Curtis, one of the Impact School coaches based in Delaware, USA, who supports our clients with building systems into their businesses and leadership development


41:20 Meet Anthony Sowri, one of the Impact School coaches based in Florida, USA, who shares his thoughts on what “impact” actually means and what he finds so rewarding about being on the Impact School team


48:50 What you should be looking for when you’re hiring your own team members - the importance of recruiting people that align with your company values and culture


54:50 Mistakes to avoid when hiring new team members

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