Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner

How To Create A Signature Online Course THAT SELLS (& Guarantees Clients Results)

October 12, 2021

Want to build a stand-out signature online course that sets you apart from your competitors whilst ensuring that your clients actually get the results they're looking for? Keep listening!




In this episode you're going to find out why creating a regular curriculum is one of the worst mistakes you can make when you're creating an online course, why implementing frameworks is a superior way to go about it, and how you can start putting these proven systems in place.


Here's how you can create an online course from scratch and for free! It's time to start making money online and changing people's lives for the better!



00:30 The biggest mistake new online coaches make when they're creating their signature online course or program


01:25 Identifying the clear, tangible, and compelling outcome that you're going to take your ideal clients to through your signature online course


04:20 Reverse engineering your online course or progam - working backwards from your outcome - so that you can get your clients better results


05:30 Building your online course around specific action items so that you only create the content that you need


06:55 How to use checkpoints to ensure that your clients are on track to get results and give you stand-out testimonials


09:00 Should you do open cart close cart launches for your online course or program?



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