Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner

How To Start A Profitable Online Coaching Or Consulting Business [6 ACTIONABLE STEPS]

October 5, 2021



Thinking of launching an online coaching or consulting business? With thousands of other entrepreneurs entering the market in the post-pandemic world, it's essential that you have the right strategies and systems in place in order to get your business up, running, and most importantly, profitable, as soon as possible.


In this episode, host Lauren Tickner shares 6 actionable steps that you need to take in order to grow a profitable online coaching or consulting business from scratch and get ahead of your competition.


Here's a preview of this episode:


00:00 Your opportunity to get ahead of your competition and launch a successful online coaching or consulting business in 2021 and beyond


01:12 Where lots of online coaches or consultants go wrong - the biggest mistake that online coaches and consultants make when starting their online business


02:28 How to identify your ideal client and stand out from other online coaches or consultants in your industry


03:30 How to develop your own unique methodology that will differentiate you from your competitors - your blue ocean strategy


06:00 How to choose a price for your online course or program - how much should you charge for your online course?


07:25 How to get your first clients using Instagram DMs and what messages you need to send them


10:00 Refining your online program using the Kaizen approach


10:44 Your next steps to start your online coaching or consulting business with confidence and start getting clients



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