Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner

3 Moves To Make Your First Million As An Online Coach or Consultant

October 19, 2021





In this episode, host Lauren Tickner shares the 3 key decisions and steps that she took as an online business owner to make her first million dollars in revenue. Many online entrepreneurs aspire to scale to 7 figures and beyond but not all of them know how to get there. So here are the most important lessons Lauren has learned along the way that will help you grow your online business from zero to one million.


A common misconception about growing an online business to 7 figures is that you need a really sophisticated and complex business model, funnels, and Facebook ads. Trust us when we say that’s not the case at all! You’ve probably heard the phrase “keep it stupid simple” and the same certainly applies here. You can scale your online business to 7 figures and more with just one simple business model. Do one thing and do it well!


Keep watching to find out how you can grow your online coaching and consulting business from zero to one million.



Here's a preview of this episode:


0:00 - Introduction - How Lauren started as an online fitness coach whilst working full time in a corporate wealth management job


01:46 - Step 1 - Choosing a profitable niche and creating an offer that your ideal clients actually want before wasting your time building a whole online course


03:55 - Step 2 - Building systems and automations that save time, energy, money, and stress - how to identify what you should automate in your business


05:20 - Step 3 - Hiring your first team members, employees, or contractors, in order to execute the systems that you've built - how to delegate effectively and efficiently without losing control

07:27 - Recap - The 3 steps you need to take to make your first million with your online business





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