Impact School Podcast with Lauren Tickner

Cultivating an Unstoppable Mindset with Dean Graziosi

August 9, 2021

At Impact School, we want to bring you podcasts that inspire you to totally change your life and empower you to make an impact on the world. In this episode, Lauren Tickner and Dean Graziosi share how to escape vicious cycles of negativity in your life, build an unstoppable mindset as an entrepreneur, and continue on your path to success. Even if you haven’t achieved the level of success that you want yet, Dean also shares how you can still maintain your confidence whilst you’re still pursuing these goals. Tune in to rewire your mindset so that it will never hold you back again!

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Here’s a preview of this episode:


(00.29) How did Lauren react to the Impact School Podcast getting deleted?


(01.55) Lauren introduces her guest Dean Graziosi


(03:55) Where does Dean’s passion to put long hours into his online business and grind come from?


(05:35) Life is about growth, contribution, and finding the things that light us up - Dean Graziosi


(07:15) Why do people struggle to discover their purpose in life?


(09:10) The problem with playing small in your business and in your life


(11:00) How does Dean help his clients and team to cultivate this unstoppable growth mindset?


(15:10) Daily habits for entrepreneurs to build a success mindset and confidence.


(19:10) Confidence often comes with success, but you need confidence to have success - so how can you build confidence before having success?


(21:25) Confidence comes second. The first thing before confidence is courage. Courage is not taking action in the absence of fear. Courage is being scared to death and taking action anyway - Dean Graziosi


(21:55) Dean shares the moment where he felt like he finally “made it” as an online entrepreneur


(24:20) Lauren asks Dean a question that he’s never been asked before - if Dean could create just one course that was compulsory for everyone in the world to go through, what would that course be and why?

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